Inspiring Messages

Farewell messages from others, to help you create yours.

My Farewell users sharing their videos for you to see.

Some of our message makers have kindly allowed us to show what a my farewell message might look like. While each message will be unique it can be helpful to draw inspiration from those who have gone before. Every individual has their own story, and their personal quirks which make them who they are. As a result, the number of topics you could cover in a farewell message are almost never ending, so we always recommend taking some time before recording to plan your message and what you are going to say.

Some people use this opportunity to say goodbye, some use it to share their story and some use it to provide much needed words of comfort and encouragement to help them through those times they will need them the most.

Introducing your video


Remembering your team


Reconciling with a lost friend


A message to that special someone


Your favourite memory


Wishing a farewell to your loved ones


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