Capture all that makes you, to be given to your loved ones.

You are the greatest gift you can give.

Capture what makes you, to be given to your loved ones.

Create a video message or life story, to be passed on to your family and friends at a time of your choosing, whether that's now, or when you are no longer there to comfort them yourself.

We know that knowing what to say can be the most difficult thing, so we have created a comprehensive guide, to offer you support, guidance and structure when you are recording your message.

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Capture your message or story in high definition to act as a permanent bridge between you and your loved ones no matter what life may bring.

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We will look after your messages in the My Farewell app until the time comes for them to be distributed to your loved ones.

Assign Executors

Assign as many executors as you wish to ensure your messages reach the intended people.


MyFarewell will send your videos to your groups when the time is right.

Record your own videos

It's as easy as it sounds, you simply record direct into the app or upload your pre-recorded videos straight into My Farewell on your phone. You will then be prompted to assign an executor to distribute your video(s) when the time is right. You can watch these back, delete and re-record them at any time that is convenient to you.

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Private filming sesssions

Our end-of-life still remains a largely taboo subject in modern society, and it is our ambitious vision to try and change that, to ensure that when our time comes, we are comfortable that we have done everything we can to make an incredibly difficult time for our loved ones that little bit easier.

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Say it the right way

Some of our customers have kindly allowed us to share their messages, to give you an idea of what a MyFarewell message can include. Each message is, and should be, unique, but a little help can go a long way, so here are some examples that may help you in leaving your perfect message.

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The thought that I will have peace of mind that my daughters, grandchildren and maybe others will have a permanent source of happy times, sad times, special occasions, photos of ancestors, video clips and much, much more is very comforting.

This would hopefully provide them with some comfort when the eventual happens to me.